Farmcliff Jack Russell Terriers






Farmcliff Spencer

Farmcliff Tipper (co-owned)

Farmcliff Joe

Lickety Split Sassy of Farmcliff

Farmcliff Cain

Farmcliff Neeko

Hillside Yeti of Farmcliff

Farmcliff Sass

Farmcliff Sherman, co-owned

Farmcliff Star

Lake Effect Barney

Farmcliff Polly



Special Terriers
Joshua of Farmcliff Farmcliff Snowflake
Farmcliff Blaze Farmcliff Kermit
Farmcliff Barney Farmcliff Liz
Long Hope Mickey of Farmcliff Farmcliff Donny
Farmcliff Teddy                      Farmcliff Peggy
Farmcliff Jason  
Farmcliff Kathy  
Farmcliff Mandy  
Famcliff Cookie Monster
Farmcliff Sugar  
Farmcliff Peewee  
Farmcliff Gretel  
Farmcliff Chip  
Highwater Fiddle  




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