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Farmcliff breeds only one or two litters each year strictly for our own enjoyment. Each breeding is intended to produce puppies that will perform well in conformation, racing, agility or hunting and hopefully we get the ideal terriers that do well in all of these discliplines. However, we simply cannot keep them all, so from time to time we have young Farmcliff puppies available.

But, we carry most of our Farmcliff puppies on to adulthood because we love 'playing" with them as puppies and at a very young age, you simply cannot know exactly how an individual terrier will perform or how they will be as mature adults. Sometimes they don't develop the type of coat we want orthey get too large or stay too small for the categories we want to fill. Or, perhaps we get too many in one category of JRT competition and we want to try again to get the ideal terriers for our needs. Occasionally, as the terriers age, we want to make room for younger competitors so we find loving homes for these older terriers.

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