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Birthday Reunion

Originally printed as an article in January 1997 True Grit.

On December 13, 1985 Farmcliff Kennel whelped its first litter of Jack Russell Terriers - six pups (three females and three males). Recently all six litter mates celebrated thier eleventh birthday with a reunion party, complete with racing, go-to-ground and an ice cream/dog biscuit birthday cake. All of these "senior" citizens exhibited typical Farmcliff loud yowling during racing but got along quite well otherwise with only "a few rumblings" heard during the cake eating.

Blaze still lives at Farmcliff Kennel and just this year was awarded JRTCA's Bronze Medallion award. She also has a grand old time doing veteran racing and agility and is a qualified Delta Therapy Dog. Buddy still hunts pheasants and other game regularly with his owner and Biscuit goes to the horse barn daily with his owner. Bonnie and Clyde are part of a boating family and regularly go for two to three month trips on a sailing yacht. Radar keeps her extended family entertained since a multitude of grandkids love to throw a tennis ball for her to fetch or have her play keep-away with a soccer ball.

We think an entire Jack Russell litter of six reaching eleven years of age in good health is quite exceptional. This is a tribute to the hearty nature of JRs as well as their conscientious owners. From the looks of them, they may all be around for many more birthdays.

Bob & Genie Franklin, CT





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