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For those who knew
Long Hope Mickey of Farmcliff

by Bob Franklin

Mickey left us last night and went over the Rainbow Bridge. He would have been 10 next March. We have been aware for 2 years now that Mickey had a heart murmur (extensive tests had revealed three leaky valves). He had been given 1/2 of a baby asprin daily ever since so he was able to continue doing what he loved and did well and that was race. In the last month or so, Mickey developed a dry cough and a recent trip to the vet revaled that he had all the symptions of congestive heart failure.

Mickey and several other dogs in the JRT world against whom he raced many times became legends to many of us. Duke, Thomba, Deegan, Bugsy and Sez Who were his primary running competitors over the years. Mickey got 2nd in both flat and hurdles for two consecutive years at JRTCA Nationals and as such never was a National Champion racer. However, Mickey did win the Over Stakes Race at JRTCA National for three consecutive years. I have no idea how many racing championships awards Mickey won, but it was many. Mickey even placed 2nd in the Veteran Dog Conformation class twice at JRTCA Nationals. Mickey wasn't a terribly good GTG terrier, but because of his performances in racing and conformation, he won numerous high-point-terrier awards over the years.

Some of you will probably remember Mickey best for his "power pees". He could stand there on three legs for several minutes peeing while most who witnessed this act would eventually disolve in laughter. Then there were the many times when I had Mickey on lead in a conformation class, waiting to race or do GTG and suddenly my pant leg would feel warm. Mickey would be quietly "marking" his master by peeing on my leg. There are others of you who occasionally helped me race Mickey who had similar "markings" when you weren't paying attention.

Although Mickey never received a natural hunting certificate, he did plenty of hunting during his many walks with me in the woods. On his chalkboard were a raccoon, an opossum and many squirrels.

We buried Mickey down by our race track where he can root for the future generations of JRT racers who will learn to race and practice on his favorite place.

Genie and I shall miss Mickey terribly, but we have so many great memories that we will always smile when we think about him.



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