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A Tribute: Goodbye Old Man
Joshua of Farmcliff
July 5, 1982 - Feb. 7, 1989

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by Bob Franklin

As the only pup from a breeding that was never repeated, Joshua was truly "one-of-a-kind". Since Josh did not have siblings to play with as a pup, he never really learned to play with other dogs in the usual whining, growling, chewing and tail wagging way. He never assumed the "play crouch" with front legs on the ground, hind end raised and tail wagging, but rather announced his desire to play "people way" by dropping a tennis ball at your feet and yipping his special bark to let you know that it was time to throw the ball.

Little did Genie and I realize when we got Josh, that we were embarking on a path that would change our entire lifestyle. We had heard about terrier trials, so in summer of 1983 when Josh was a year old, we decided to attend a local trial to see what it was all about. In his very first trial, Josh got 2nd in Conformation against all types of terriers and was reserve racing champion so we went home with more ribbons than most of the people at the trail. Needless to say, we were "hooked".

Over the next few years, Josh became a consistent winner in racing - winning numerous local champion and reserve champion ribbons as well as earning several racing ribbons at JRTCA National trials. He loved GTG but seldom placed because he was intelligently cautious when working underground. As we learned how to show him better, he consistently placed high in conformation and his crowning achievements were "Conformation Champion" at the 1984 Greater NY JRT Show. Later he was Best Veteran Terrier at the 1988 JRTCA National Trial and with a daughter and grand-daughter, he won the prestigious "Breeders Class" for three generations. At that same JRTCA Nationals, he took 2nd in Over 12 ½ inch dog hurdle racing at 6 years of age.

Joshua often hunted woodchuck and earned his Natural Hunting Certificate under Paul Ross, an early working/conformation judge in the JRTCA world. Josh also loved to hunt pheasants with one of his sons and both were very adept at finding the pheasants. But, we had to get to downed birds quickly because the two dogs were better at playing tug-of-war with the bird than they were at "fetching". Josh was always in a hole somewhere and was scarred from head to toe in typical JRT fashion. At one show, a judge from Scotland looked at Josh and commented, "Boy, 'e 'as really been to the wars, 'asn't 'e", as he awarded Josh first place in that "Working Terrier" conformation class.

Joshua is the foundation of our Farmcliff lines and can be found in ALL of the pedigrees of our present Farmcliff bred terriers - sometimes more than once. We feel it is the "Joshua intensity and intelligence" that contributes greatly to the continuing successes we are enjoying with our Farmcliff bred terriers in racing, agility and hunting.

However, Joshua had one trait that eventually proved to be his undoing. In typical JRT fashion, he always thought he was ten feet tall and was protective of his "territory" against other male dogs. Josh was killed on February 7, 1989 while defending his "family" from an intrusion by a neighbor's German Shepard male. Our parting words as we buried Josh on "his spot" where he used to sit for hours at a time were, "Goodbye old man and thanks!"




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