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Fun Story

Submitted to Reader’s Digest either for “Live in these United States” or “All in a Days Work”.
My Jack Russell Terrier, Joe, and I boarded our flight in St. Louis, MO heading for home after winning 2nd place in the nationally televised Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Jack Russell Racing. Joe was traveling with me in the cabin of the airplane in his Sherpa Flight Bag with his name on the tag, but the remainder of our luggage was handed over to a Transportation Security Admin. agent to check for explosives. On arrival at home, I proudly unpacked my luggage and removed Joe’s engraved, glass vase trophy from its box. There, neatly packed inside the box on top of the trophy, I found a TSA “Notice of Baggage Inspection” slip with a note scribbled on it. “Good job Joe! Denise / TSA”.

Bob Franklin
Glastonbury, CT

September 9, 2005




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