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Jack Russell Racing at NBC's Today Show

Submitted by Bob Franklin to the Yankee Network Newsletter, Jan 2004

On January 2, 2004 we were invited to put on a demonstration JRT racing at NBC's Today Show. What an experience we had! Five of the nine participants were Yankee Jack Russell Terrier Network members - Bob and Genie Franklin, Ann Shepard, Michael Beach and Karen Vernon. We were joined by Doug and Sue Tack and Doug and Noreen Loranger whom many of you know.

L-R back row Doug Loranger, Bob Franklin with Sassy, Genie Franklin with Cain, Karen Vernon, Doug Tack with Holland - Front row L-R Noreen Loranger with Calico, Erin Tack, Sue Tack with Hale and Gregory Tack. In the background is the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree (which incidently came from Manchester, CT only about 10 miles from where we live.)

After spending a very short night in the Hilton Hotel, Bob and Genie were at the NBC site by 5:30am helping set up the race track equipment because they opted to use Bob's start box, hurdles, finish barrier, lure puller and colored clown collars. We got to run a few practice races while the NBC camera crew figured out the best angles for pictures, but at 7:00am when the show started, the waiting began.

We were able to watch all of the outside filming and could hear and see most of the Today Show because there were speakers and TV monitors everywhere. We were thrilled to see up close Willard Scott and the other NBC personalities and we even got a photo of Genie mugging it up with Willard. Also, most of the group posed for a photo with the Rockefeller Plaza tree in the background. Several of us spent some time "working the crowd" just like Willard Scott does but with our terriers which was fun. Genie was particularly good at this.

About 9:45am we were finally on. The terriers were announced one at a time and then loaded. We had Sassy, Holland, Calico, Hale, Bramble and Cain - terrier names most of you will recognize. The carpeted track was only about 30 yards long so it was all in the start. Holland and Bramble came out together, but Holland misjudged and grazed the 2nd hurdle so Bramble won with Sassy a close 2nd. But, all the terriers arrived at the finish at once so the foam barrier was totally blown out. The crowd loved it.

Afterwards, some of us walked through Rockefeller Plaza and down 5th Avenue and had an early lunch. It seemed like we had been up forever but it wasn't even noon yet. The drive home felt like it took forever and both Genie and Bob were in bed way early that night. Our email fairly well lit up that afternoon and the next day with folks telling us how much fun they had had watching our VERY SHORT time in the NBC spotlight.

Genie Franklin with Today Show Reporter Willard Scott.



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